Kumasi – Royal Capital of the Ashanti

Kumasi was founded when the priest and royal advisor Okomfo Anokye summoned a golden stool from the sky. It landed in the lap of a young man called Otumfuo Nana Osei Tutu Opemsoo who unified the fragmented Akan tribes in the region to stand up against the mighty Denkyira Empire controlling the gold trade and […]

Cape Coast: Following in the Footsteps of Colonial History

The past seems almost tangible: Colonial style buildings made of solid brick, with elegant upper floor balconies, the faded wall paint flaking off, line the entangled streets. Cape Coast Castle, reputedly one of the world’s largest slave-holding sites during colonialism, and the two smaller forts William and Victoria, remains of a chain of lookout posts, […]

Getting around in Ghana

Ghana has a well developed transport system and getting around is relatively easy. As Ghana spreads over an area approximately as big as the UK, you don’t have to travel extremely long distances either. Travelling through Ghana takes getting used to though: bumpy streets, overcrowded vehicles and kamikaze drivers make even short journeys an adventure. […]