Here you can find a collection of links I found helpful, interesting or inspiring when writing my blog:

Volunteering, foreign aid and international development

  • Very useful collection of articles about what can go wrong with volunteering and how to avoid mistakes by Daniela Papi who is also involved in the education NGO PEPY Tours: Lessons I Learned
  • PEPY tours is both a NGO running educational and youth empowerment projects in Cambodia and a social enterprise organizing learning tours: PEPY Tours
  • Aaron Ausland writes about “good principles and practice” in international development: Staying for Tea
  • Platform connecting international volunteers with grass root organizations around the globe and providing useful resources about related topics: Omprakash
  • Website connecting people, organizations and resources in the social sector: Idealist

Travelling and living in Ghana

  • Official website of the Ghanaian Ministy of Tourism: Ghana Travel
  • Website with lots of useful articles about travelling in Ghana: Go Africa
  • News website that also provides a lot of practical information about travelling in Ghana: Ghana Web
  • Comprehensive collection of articles about everything newcomers arriving to Ghana need to know – from travel tips, dress code and medical advice to a guide about how to greet a village chief: No Worries Ghana
  • Website providing advice and information for expats in Accra, useful is the Social Calendar and the Activities & Events section: Accra Expat

News and information about Africa

  • Blog featuring work from diverse fields such as music, movies, art and literature presenting a more authentic image of Africa rather than confirming the old, simplistic and ahistoric cliches still prevailing in the media: Africa Is A Country
  • Website documenting how people in Africa overcome everyday’s challenges by using their creativity and ingenuity: AfricGadget

Documentaries on Ghana


Society, Culture and Customs


  • Website offering free download of photos made by hobby photographers, beautiful pictures you can use for your blog: Bigfoto

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